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"Joshua Finkel is nothing short of amazing. He helped me get a callback for the TV show Glades, and coached me for my final callback for producers, where I'm now one of 3 girls! His comments are always spot on, and he works with you so specifically and always makes you feel comfortable with him and never judged. He coached me for my final callback when I booked "Next To Normal" at A ctors Playhouse last year. I am a teacher, Broadway actress, and educator myself, so I'm very picky about who I trust when I enlist for help. Joshua Finkel is the best coach out there. If you need help with a song, monologue, TV or film audition, he does it all! I have never had better results with ANY teacher or coach that I've worked with in all my years in the business, and I will continue to coach with him for the rest of my career. RUN don't walk to work with Joshua. Your career will be the better for it."
--JODIE LANGEL (Broadway Actress and Coach. Creator of MAKING IT ON BROADWAY book and master class intensives)



"The callback for the MTV movie could not have gone better. They LOVED the little add in's we came up with in our coaching. Thanks so much for all your help; I'll absolutely work with you for my next audition. All the stuff we came up with for both the initial audition AND the callback landed beautifully in the room. I just love working with you; you really bring out so much in the scene that's really helpful when auditioning."
--RENEE DORIAN (Los Angeles Actress)

"It worked! Thanks to your amazing coaching and last minute video submission, Telsey's office called me in to fly to NYC for the lead role of MOLLY in the National Tour of GHOST the MUSICAL! I cannot thank you enough!"                                                                                                                                                                      --MARLO DiCRASTO (Los Angeles and New York based Actress)



"I just wanted to let you know how my audition went at Chapman University yesterday. They told me that I was very personable and they loved my enthusiasm. They said they would love to work with me and THEN gave me a $12000/year scholarship and an outstanding acting award! Thank you so much for all you did for me. I KNOW your coaching (especially with the Shakespeare) and how to 'be in the room' was key in his doing so well.
--ADAM SEPULVEDA (Los Angeles High School Actor)

"I wanted to thank you again for the generosity of your time on Thursday. It was such a great coaching that I am still telling my friends and clients what a awesome lesson it was! In fact it was through our work together that I booked my first Equity LEAD!"
--AUSTEN REY (Los Angeles Actor, The title role in THE KING AND I)

"I must say much of the success of the performance was due to your coaching. You gave me a way to clarify the material and give it variety that I didn't have before. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to doing it again in the future."
ELDON QUICK (Classical Actor, One Man Show of Homer's The Illiad)

"Thank you so much for the excellent coaching sessions you did with me in preparation for my Oregon Shakespeare Festival audition. Your creativity, intelligence and passion for acting infused our session with an energy that made me more excited about acting than I've been for a while. I was relieved to feel so confident after our sessions. This really paid off in the audition itself, which I felt was a great success."
--KRISTEN OSMAN (Los Angeles Classical Actress)

“My interview with Antonio Banderas went great! I was surprisingly very calm just at the moment I was to do the interview. I was very proud of myself. Thank you for sharing your insights and for helping me improve!”
--JESSICA AMATO (Hostess of Hablemos de Cine, Galavision)

"I want to thank you for our lesson. I really had fun! I watched the tape and what a difference from the beginning of the hour to the end. I feel very lucky and honored to be learning from you! You are a great teacher and performer. I really respect your devotion to the craft of being a performer. Thank YOU!"
--BLANEY AIKMAN (Television and Theater actress, Los Angeles)

"Hey Joshua, just an FYI. The monologues you helped me with. I have booked three jobs with both of them!! Thanks!
--ROBERT HEDGLIN, (New York Actor)

"I wanted to thank you a million times for the amazing work we did in preparation for my audition. You helped me to form a very real character that makes real and specific choices. The casting director absolutely loved the choices that I made with fleshing out this real and believable woman. The results are in the words: "We'd like to call you back to our final callbacks."
--TAMI DAHBURA, (San Francisco Actress, In the Heights National Tour)

"I do hope you know how much I enjoy your workshops and your teaching style. I always learn so much just from watching you."
--JENNIFER CANTORA, (San Francisco Film Actress)

"This is EXACTLY what I've been needing. Thank you so much , Joshua!"
--DALE TRACY, (Star of Phantom of the Opera)

"Thank you so much for your help on this audition, your support and follow-through! I was in an audition rut, and I can say without a doubt, that I just gave the best audition of my life. I am looking forward to working with you again. It was a great experience."
--DOUGLAS GABRIELLE (Los Angeles Actor)

"Thank you again for your brilliance in the workshop and in my coaching. I could work with you oh say...3 hours a day everyday that I would be the world's greatest actor! Thank you for your attention to every detail, your limitless well of ideas and not letting me get away with any dirty little habits. I get so much out of your coachings!! Also the class was very helpful-especially directly after working with you. You really have had such a profound influence on me and the way I approach a song...a scene...everything. So I thank you for inspiring me to work and to ask the right questions. I feel as though I am finally starting to arrive at a few answers. I can't wait till my next coaching."
--DANI MARCUS (Star of Beach Blanket Babylon)

"I learned so much from our meeting. Thanks again!"
--KEN BLAIR SHEPARD (European Pop Star)

"Thanks for all that you have been doing for me. What an incredible difference the infusion of your knowledge, professionalism, integrity, patience and humor has made in my performance potential."
--JOYSEE SIKORSKI, (Los Angeles Cabaret Star and Composer)

"What blissful good fortune have I in spending such quality time with you as my coach! "
---SHIRLEY SIEGEL (Corporate Entertainer and owner of Tributes Unlimited of Beverly Hills)



"I wanted to let you know what an impact your coaching has had on my career…but not as an actor. I am also a Regional Manager for a software company and have taken 5 classes with you and while it has been an absolute blast learning this new trade, it has also allowed me to make quite an improvement in my ability to truly listen and react to what the other person is giving me, to have a goal in mind of what I am looking to accomplish at that very moment. In applying this technique in a sales meeting, I ended up getting a huge prospective client to hand over an entire quarter's worth of quote over to me in new sales which we didn’t expect for another 6 - 9 months. Because of this lesson you taught me and the sale it created, my year's goal has been met which affords my pursuit of acting."
--ROB O'SULLIVAN (Software Manager and Actor)

I wanted to tell you how much fun I had in your class this semester. For the first time I learned about the actual craft behind acting and the tools
to use. I really like acting and performing and I hope to continue to do it in the future. Thank you so much for everything!

--LINDSAY MURPHY (Student Actress, California Lutheran University)




"Your COLD READING WORKSHOP was amazing! I already feel 20 times more confident in cold readings now! By the way, I'm reviewing the tape from our last coaching session, and I can't believe how much info there's on it. What a wealth of helpful information. Even if I integrate 1/2 of it, my performance will be 20 times better!"
--STEPHEN CROCKER, (San Francisco Actor)

"Joshua Finkel's Cold Reading Workshop is a MUST for any aspiring and even professional actors out there auditioning. Whether you are auditioning for a musical, drama, TV show, sit-com, this technique is amazing. Joshua's class This technique WILL GIVE YOU THE EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION. Even if you've taken a million acting classes, the Cold Reading Technique will greatly enhance your auditioning skills. Joshua is a great teacher, and his class is very well structured and developed. He will take you through all the steps you need to use at your audition in order to nail your cold reading. From the beginning level through to the more advanced class I saw a vast improvement in everyone's "audition" and their ability to lift the words off of the page and bring the scene and the character to life. I cannot recommend this class enough to all especially if you are serious about your career and making it as an actor."
--TAMI DAHBURA (San Francisco Actress and Recording Artist)


 Joshua taught a free Acting the Song Workshop at SAG AFTRA.  Click here to read the feedback! 

"I can't thank you enough for coaching me for the BILLY ELLIOTT audition. The feedback my NYC agent received from Tara Rubin's office was that they were completely knocked out by how prepared, professional, and talented I was. They said they want to think of me for all the current future jobs they cast including Broadway and major regional stuff. I can't thank you enough for helping me prep and creating that result! I could not have done it without you!"

"Just wanted to tell you how much I've been loving being at University of Michigan. I could have done it without your help building my audition package.

AlsoI have been taking all of those audition tips with me on every audition and just booked Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof as well as the ENTIRE summer season at Music Theater of Wichita. It really is working! Thank you!"

--ALEXANDRA FRAGOSO (Musical Theater Major at University of Michigan)


"I was one of the 2 women who were chosen for the BFA program at UC-Irvine. I could not have done it without your help. I'm so excited. You are an amazing coach and I can't thank you enough for always being available for me and working me in to your schedule!"

-- SAMANTHA HERTZ (Musical Theater BFA Major at UC-Irvine)


"Really enjoyed your master classes at your ANMT Musical Theatre Summer Bootcamp workshop.You are an amazing coach and such a generous man and teacher. No wonder everyone had breakthroughs. Thanks also to Jake for his great and sensetive playing and insightful comments! All in all it was a great experience!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          --SUZAN SOLOMON (Los Angeles based Actress)



Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my audition! I've honestly never felt more prepared and I couldn't have done it without you. I'm so happy to tell you that I made the show as part of the chorus and a featured dancer, which is the biggest part a sophomore got! This is all really exciting

and I couldn't be happier. See you soon

--JULIA SAFIR (Los Angeles High School Student)


"I had an amazing time working with you the other day. You are so inspiring and a wonderful person to be around. I learned so much just from one session with you and hope to have many more. "
--DANNI KATZ (Los Angeles Actor)

"The audition for Cabrillo Music Theater last night went great!  Nailed it! It felt good.  Just wanted to let you know as I'm excited because it always feels good pulling in consistent/good work.  That's my goal these days!  You and your class have definitely made that difference for me over the last year.Thank you!

--MONA KING (Los Angeles Actor and Cabaret Artist)


"Had my PCPA call back yesterday and it went really well... I was very thankful for all the audition techniques you taught me in dance and singing because we had to learn a routine in 20 minutes and a song in less... so I was definitely praising the mighty Joshua for his teachings!! I felt really good and really thankful for my voice and movement training through out the whole day because it allowed me to be really present and alive in my body through the whole day and then in my separate audition. I really felt confident in the singing and voice portion too because I felt really resonant and connected to my breath, and also felt I had some of the strongest technique in my group. So all in all it went really well and was a great day."
--KATIE NEWCOMER (Graduate School Bound Actor, Calif. Lutheran Univ.)

"I am writing to you just to say thank you so much! The Musical Theatre class was so fulfilling! I had never done things like that before, and now
I feel like I could tackle any Musical audition. I could not end this experience without writing and saying Thank You and giving you the praise
you deserve."

--CHAZ HODGES (Actor, Calif. Lutheran University)


"Just a thank you for all the notes you give each of us. I feel like I have learned valuable singing and performing tools that I wish I had had in my twenties... perhaps it would have made me fearless about auditioning then. I confidently feel that I amgoing forward in the right direction."
--CAROL BECKER (Los Angeles Actor enrolled in Performers Workshop)

"I enjoyed Saturday very much. You have a generous spirit and a love for your work that shows in how you interact with the singers. It certainly made it so much easier for the singers under these potentially emotional and nerve wracking circumstances. It was wonderful to see the changes so quickly with your guidance."
--SUSAN COLLA (Ventura based singing teacher and co-host of Joshua's Master Class)

A huge thanks to you for an amazing workshop with young inexperienced singers. The first time that these kids performed without thinking technically about their voices. They LIVED the song . It was thrilling!
--REBECCA SOMBERG (Calabasas based Broadway Voice Teacher and Host of Joshua's Master Class)

"I want to thank you for sharing your expertise with us at the recent master class. Watching you work was rformer/director and I can see why i my teacher absolutely raves about you! Implementing what I've learned from you is something I really look forward to."
--AMBER WALTON (Santa Barbara based singer)

"You have a talent for taking the same information I've heard over and over and making it accessible and understandable in a way that others just can't
do; it is just terrific. I feel that I learned more in an hour from you than in weeks and weeks of other lessons. I love your studio setup as well."
--SUZIE FRANKLIN DeFAZIO (Cabaret Performer)

"Thanks for all your help the past few months Joshua. Just got a nice call back in LA and then did a Broadway audition here in NYC this week. And instead of being crazy, with little warm up (hotel room and plane) not getting to scream those notes in preparation, I had to be calm. Despite new people, monitors, location .etc. I did great. I showed colors and acted as well as sang well. Now I am in their files and I did well. I was confident. It was great. Thank you."

--NANCY GASSNER CLAYTON (Los Angeles Based SAG Session Singer and Recording Artist)


"The musical theatre workshop really was a wonderful learning experience. Joshua taught us ways to relax and yet gain focus before an audition, two things that are key. He not only addressed our performance concerns, but spent a lot of time talking about the "business" aspect of the audition as well. I'm so glad that I went."

I feel what I got out of the performance seminar was an emphasis on clarity. Not just on my intention (the 5 Ws), but becoming clear included my vocal tone inflection, emphasis on important words (leaning on the consonants of important words) and the intensity of certain passages-both volume level and the physicality that each of those passages demanded (Josh demonstrated a great technique of creating a gesture/stance that allows the singer to use their entire body to engage the sound) allowing myself to truly feel 100% of the emotional quality I needed. "
--ALEXIS WONG (San Francisco Singer)

"I just wanted to commend Joshua on a fabulous musical theater audition technique class last night. It was really awesome to see the immediate results from the adjustments he gave to everyone. I think every single person present walked away feeling much more confident, and equipped with concrete tools as well as a fresh perspective on the auditioning experience. I was so glad I decided to go, it was definitely worth it!"

"The Audition Techniques class in particular is something that I have been hoping to find around town. Joshua de-mystified the experience, and gave us all such a specific path to follow in terms of compiling a tight book of audition pieces. There was something for everyone and we learned so much from watching each other!"

I was so happy I went to Joshua’s Musical Theatre Intensive. It was so informative and affective. It is an invaluable experience for any actor to get feedback from someone observing their performance in an audition setting. Particularly when the audition is for musical theatre, because there are so many more elements that go into the process. It gets you out of your head and back into your body. I learned proper accompanist etiquette. I learned how to take charge of my audition. I learned several vocal audition preparation techniques. I got a bunch of suggestions from my fellow classmates about what other vocal audition material I should pursue. Joshua's advice and coaching inspired me to dig deeper into my material so that it becomes a learning experience for me, too and not just for my auditioning panel."

"We just finished our 2nd performance of Ragtime, you're coaching has been very effective and very helpful. Everything feels a lot more connected, real and smoother: the dialogue, the action, the character, the story, just everything! It's also been helpful for me to watch some of the Coalhouse Walker stuff that we also coached for the callback. Some of the choices and direction that you have on that role that are just outstanding; it's very appealing to me. Very real and very strong."
--JIMMER BOLDEN (Los Angeles Actor and Jazz Singer)

"Thank you so much for a wonderful performance seminar and helping me work out my song. You are fabulous, can't wait til you come back in April!"
--ALEXIS WONG, (San Francisco Singer)

"Hey Joshua.... I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my "Miss Byrd" from Closer Than Ever. I am getting so many compliments on my work in that particular number. I got to tell you, it's in large part to the direction I received for you!"
--BRENDA REED (Cabaret and Theater Star)

"I was amazed by the improvement in everyone's performance after so short a session. I would love to be involved should you do this again - and a few others have said they would too."
--DAVE STILLETT, (Farnham Players, London UK)

"I'm even looking forward to the next lot of auditions. I'm sure when Josh is over here again and running more workshops I will certainly want to take part and will spread the word to the others."
--DEBORAH OXENHAM, (Farnham Players, London UK)

"I tried the technique you suggested in class the other night while in my performance and was astounded that I could sustain a high A through the entire phrase. It will be a trick I keep in my back pocket forever!"
--ARRON ROTHBART (Los Angeles Actor)


"I really appreciate the work we did on "Someone Like You". It was scary and as I went through the rest of my day, I realized it was it was very moving. I haven't ever been that open before!"

--LYNETTE TAMUSITIS (Los Angeles Actor)


"I really wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me how to belt. I have been trying for years and I have always been worried it wouldn't sound good or I would hurt my voice. you explained in a way that I really got it and it felt comfortable. You really hit the nail on the head when you said I needed to be able to play those roles where I would need to belt."

--ERIKA PERRY-DUTTON (Los Angeles Actor)


"I'm very excited a confident in opening in this lead role tonight because of your amazing coaching. I will remember all you have shared and the amazing technical and emotional tools you have provided me."

--PAUL PANICO (Los Angeles Actor)


"You are so amazing at monologue audition work. You've helped me specify and bring out so many more colors in my pieces. Thank you so much!"

--ROSLYN COHN (Los Angeles Film, Television and Theater Actor)

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"The Shakespeare Workshop was great! Joshua Finkel is a terrific teacher. Whether you are beginning student of Shakespeare or a seasoned veteran, this class is a valuable tool to teach/remind you about the fundamentals which enhances your ability to interpret Shakespeare's text."
--ANDREA PRESS (Los Angeles Actress and Cabaret Performer)

"I enjoyed both parts of the Shakespeare workshop on Saturday. I was always very intimidated by doing Shakespeare, and felt it was beyond my reach because it was so formal. You took us through a step by step process, showing us the blueprint and different clues to look for in Shakespeare. You took the mystery out of Shakespeare, and made me realize I have the ability to do Shakespeare. Later I took a private coaching for COLD READING. I really enjoyed my coaching session with Joshua. He is a very positive and encourging teacher but at the same time he gets you to the next level with your acting. I left the coaching session feeling I learned some important things that I can use on my next audition.
--JULIE HUBBARD (Los Angeles Stage and Film Actress)

"I really didn't know that much about Shakespeare and his wonderful words. But you did a great job of explaining what to me was a huge amount of totally new material! "
---EDDY ED O'BRIEN (Los Angeles Actor and Comedian http://www.artandcomedy.com)

"Thank you so much for that wonderful coaching session. You are amazing at finding exactly what is needed from the text and how to trigger my emotions. Also thanks to your monologue suggestion and our phone coaching work, I won the regional Shakespeare competition and am competing Nationally in New York in early April! Thank you for your amazing help!"
--MIA WALKER (Broadway Actress, Annie Get Your Gun)

"I just wanted to let you know that I got the part of Celia in As You Like It. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done. Your Shakespeare workshop was probably the most helpful class I have ever taken. I understand Shakespeare now and I felt really prepared at my audition and my callback. I am really glad that I was able to learn from you....you are an amazing teacher. So, thank you again for all your help."
--KRISTIN McKEE (Bay Area High School Student)



"I wanted to give you a rundown on how my first Broadway audition went today with Bernie Telsey. I was called in from San Diego and flew to NYC to audition. It went well! I felt best about my acting... I think I nailed it! Many thanks for your time on the phone yesterday! While flying to NYC, I decided to prep with you in the last moment, and you were right there. It was incredibly helpful. I felt like I went into the room prepared and confident and made a favorable impression."

"I wanted to let you know that I won the 2007 Bay Area Critic's Circle Award for Annie in Annie Get Your Gun and that has a LOT to do with you, since we worked through the entire role over the phone! I can't believe it. I also want to thank you for the advice you gave me business wise. Based on that, I had my two directors speak to each other and get the clearance to do BOTH roles. Thank you so much!"

"Joshua’s phone coaching lessons were very intense and rigorous, but they got the job done. I really feel like Josh knows how to connect to each of his students. He understands the way that I think and helps me focus my ideas until they can be clearly understood by an audience. It’s remarkable how he can hear changes in my delivery over the phone. It is actually like he’s there with me. Josh really helped me get grounded and ready to attack this audition. There was no curve ball that I wasn’t prepared for. We looked at every detail beforehand, so that when I went to New York to audition I felt ready."

"I am really happy to have gone through the process of the coaching. I just didn't really know how the phone thing was going to work. I now do. Thank you."

"At the beginning of this year I had one of the most important and scary auditions of my career so far. I had a mountain of work to do in a miniscule amount of time. When Joshua suggested a phone coaching, I was a little skeptical at first thinking, he can't even see me; how in the world is this going to work. But there we were, in a work session, first breaking down the scene into specific beats and then running it; each time trying out different choices and a variety of colors. Josh was even able to build very specific humor into the scene. It was amazing because these were vocal or visual bits that I never would have guessed he would be able to create let alone describe over the phone. The thing is, Josh is such a master communicator, that he makes everthying clear and easy to understand. I walked into that audition prepared and confident with my scene work. Any time spent with Joshua Finkel whether in person or over the phone, leaves me feeling like a better actor."

"Josh's phone coachings have been amazing. I had an audition for the Fantastiks on a Saturday, and I only had one week to prepare, and none of my acting coaches were in town. I gave Josh a ring and we did a coaching call that night. He was clear, engaging, inspiring and unbeleivably helpful! I had my doubts about acting lessons over the phone, but he proved every doubt wrong. I went into the audition on Saturday and knocked their socks off! And since I was well prepared, I was able to just let go and have a blast!"
--M. LYM

"I was chosen to represent Maryland in a Talent scholarship competition, and won that nomination by doing the Antigone monologue we spent hours
on the phone working on. So, therefore, I owe it to you. I look forward to our next phone coaching. I can honestly say that my phone coachings with Joshua are extremely effective, even more effective than many personal coachings I've had with other coaches."

"Working with Joshua over the telephone was amazing! He helped me to understand the Shakespearian characters that I had to prepare for callbacks and he gave me help expressing the text properly. I felt very prepared for the audition process. It was so easy to pre-arrange a calltime with him and then sit in the comfort of my living room. It was almost as if I was working with him in person!"

"Auditioning for college takes a lot of prep work and being able to work with Josh over the phone made all the difference in the world. We were able to work out all of my character questons and proceed to beat out the monolgue and develop the character. This method of working made it easier to really delve into finding and developing my character and modify my own characteristics into the character's. With all that preliminary work over the phone, it made it much easier to develop the physical characteristics when Josh and I met because I already knew the internal situation of my character."

Phone coaching from Joshua Finkel has given me a greater insight into the character or role (monologue or song) I was working on for an upcoming audition, callback audition or class. He is able to assist you in finding the important "beats" in the monlogue and special "moments" that may require more emphasis (verbally or physically) or pauses to help express the emotion in the piece. His impeccable listening skills will also help you determine how lines can be more effectively delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending Joshua's phone coaching to anyone. They will soon discover as I have that his knowledge and expertise in this field is invaluable. His enthusiasm, clarity and integrity with which he works with you on your material is truly an inspiration!

"At the end of last summer I was preparing for the General Auditions for Theatre Works and happy that my appointments with Joshua were scheduled at an early enough time frame so we weren't rushed. Joshua had picked the perfect monologue for me and I was beginning to memorize it before he arrived here in San Francisco. Just when I think my timing is well planned, I received a phone call from the Casting Director 2 weeks earlier to come in and audition for an upcoming production they were casting and this audition would count also as the General. Panic set in because I needed help with the Monologue. Joshua suggested the phone coaching and it worked out GREAT!..I had a total of 3 phone sessions using our home office speaker phone, taped the sessions, and reviewing the tapes after allowed me to really understand the intent of the piece I was performing. I went into the audition so prepared and fully understanding the character I was portraying that I don't know what I would have done if not for Joshua's instructions. My audition went well and Joshua gave me the confidence I needed. I try to see Joshua whenever he comes to San Francisco, but if I can't .."I'm happy knowing he is only a phone call away"

"Thank you for a very helpful and productive coaching session. My audition at AADA went very well. I got accepted into the advanced class, which happens rarely! I am thrilled!"



"What a fantastic class! I'm praying you have time for some private coachings!"
--T. KASHI (London Actress)

"Thank you so so much for the lesson. It was outstanding and a revelation to me on the art of singing. I am so pleased we made a tape as I shall use this for all the auditions I do. So much of what you said is appropriate or monologue auditions as well. It would be great to set up a group for the cold reading workshops on your next visit."
--J. ROBB (Edinburgh Actor and Voice Over Artist)

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Masterclass on Sunday and didn't realize that I could learn so much in only four hours! You have a real gift for teaching; thank you for sharing it."
--B. GEORGE (London Actor)

"I really appreciate all the info and tips you shared with us, I shall be using them in my next audition!"
--A. ADDAMS (London Leading Lady)

"Thank you so much for a terrific class yesterday afternoon at the Actors' Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt I learnt an awful lot. I'm sure we all did. So when you are in London again, I would be interested in any classes/coaching that you may be teaching."
--J. ROSS (London Actress, Actors Centre)

"Your Suzuki class was the best class I've ever taken. I've never felt so connected to my emotions and my body all at the same time!"
--A. JENKINS (TVI Actors Studio, London Retreat)

"Joshua's classes that I had for two weeks were the most intense and fun time that I have had while being a performer in lessons! He is a great teacher and he is good to have a laugh with too! But in his lessons he expects complete focus because that is what being a performer is about--focus!"
-- G. CULLUM (Actor and Musician, GSA Summer Session)

"I want to thank you for everything - you were amazing and I learned so much from you. I had a fabulous time and I think it really helped my confidence, which has been a problem for me for several years now, so I really have to thank you for that."
--S. SMITH (GSA Actor, Summer Session 2006)

"I learnt so much and had so much fun at the same time! I have been practising my breathing and I feel so much more relaxed singing and it doesn't feel like such hard work, even my top notes!"
--K. RITCHIE (GSA Actor, Summer Session 2006)


"I just wanted you to know how terrific the workshop for writers was on Saturday. Josh was just amazing. In the course of 3 intensive hours--with only a 5 minute break--Josh conveyed the actor's perspective and demonstrated how that perspective could help us write more 3-dimensional and "actable" characters.
I can put Josh's lessons to work immediately. We just learned that "American Klezmer" is being optioned for productions across the country, so we're looking to make the book as performance friendly as possible. Josh's workshop will help immensely in that task. Thank you for bringing Josh to Chicago, and please bring him back again in the near future."
--J. KOCH (Chicago Writer, Theater Building Chicago)

"Thanks again for the workshop last night. Can you believe how quickly the time flew by? It seemed like we worked for 20 min, not 3 hours. And what did I do when I got home? Pulled out my audition songs and started playing with some of my new and developing tricks which are already improving the songs I had picked out for Sat. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am very excited about what you taught and explored with us night. I am excited to turn these tricks into techniques I can use readily and easily. I've been working on the tips you gave, including keeping my head from "reaching" for those notes. It worked! I had a great performance and was asked to follow the show to it's first performance at the Madison Rep in November."
--D. LINNERTZ (Chicago Leading Lady)


"My deepest heartfelt thanks to Joshua Finkel for teaching an amazing Performance Seminar last week. I truly feel that everyone who attended, even if they didn't sing, just by observing others and participating in the dialogue, got an amazing message and futher understanding of this kind of work.

Some of the SFAPA people have also been down to LA to participate in his classes and found them incredible. I feel what I got out of the performance seminar was an emphasis on clarity. Not just on my intention (the 5 Ws), but becoming clear included my vocal tone inflection, emphasis on important words (leaning on the consonants of important words) and the intensity of certain passages-both volume level and the physicality that each of those passages demanded (Josh demonstrated a great technique of creating a gesture/stance that allows the singer to use their entire body to engage the sound) allowing myself to truly feel 100% of the emotional quality I needed. I worked my piece and felt every cell in my body vibrating at the end. By working with Josh to create clarity rather than working from a general, "feeling" - the sound was purposeful and directed.

And seriously, if you need acting coaching, CALL JOSH!!!! We were so lucky to have him come up, but he's extremely effective over the phone as well. Josh, thank you again from the bottom of my heart, for all the generous work that you do and consistently contribute to this group of artists."
--A. WONG (San Francisco Performer)

"It's been a week since Josh's fabulous class, but I wanted to just let you know how amazing it was. For me, personally, it really got me motivated to get to work. I think I have a tendency to just sit back and wait for the role to just sort of evolve, and then I wonder why I'm so nervous, or don't feel connected, etc. Josh made it clear that there is a system available that can wipe any doubt out of your performance. You can actually do enough work to feel free enough in the moment to just play."
--J.RAAUM (San Francisco Leading Lady)


"I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with college auditions! I am LOVING everything about University of Michigan and I feel so blessed to be here. I know I wouldn't have been able to get here without you, and I was just thinking about how grateful I am to be where I am right now."

--A. FRAGOSO (LACHSA and now at the Univerity of Michigan Musical Theater Program)

"Joshua, thank you for listening to me and being so supportive. And especially, thank you for working with me on such
short notice and for being such an incredible coach."

--S. HERTZ (UC-Irvine Advanced Musical Theater Class)


I want to give Uber Thanks to Joshua Finkel who has been the first director who has inspired me with his effervescent passion. He has truly driven me throughout this experience and I utterly thank him for the skills he has given me."
--F. KRAFT (Javert in LES MISERABLES, Hamilton High School Music Academy then at Circle in the Square in NYC)

"Erin was placed to the highest level acting class at Idyllwild after her audition.  They wanted to see three of the five monologues she was prepared to perform; all of which you coached and directed.  Hooray! Thanks.  I'll be in touch in November to schedule some December time for her college audition prep."

--L. GRAY (Mother of Teen Actor)


"We all just adore you!!!  The girls talked forever on the way home this evening, that they always learn something and feel like they accomplish so much.

Thank you!!!"

--K. STAITMAN (Producer of Theater and Mother of Sami and Sarah Staitman, 2 Broadway/Hollywood working actors)


" Evan's session with you was extremely beneficial. He left your place exhausted and with so many tools to finalize and perfect his performance as Harold Hill in The Music Man. Just what he needed to kick him into shape! Thank you so much! You're terrific"

--S. LAFFER (Mother of Teen Actor)

"I did not think I could act at all and after working with you, it was the only way I landed the role of Miss Flannery in "Millie". I could not believe it! I can't wait to continue our work next year as I enter college."
--E. HELFER (Santa Monica College Freshman Fall 07)

"Annie adored your workshop last Monday night! She is definitely interested in workshops galore!"
--D. DAHLBERG, (Actress & Mother of 12 year old Annie Dahlberg)

"It all worked out. The audition went really well! I was a little nervous but I remained focused and hopefully my work showed it! I kept in mind all the
helpful tools you taught us in the master class. It was all so very wonderful. Thank you!!"
--C.HAUICEK, (Bay Area High School Student)

"I got the role. I'm really excited about it! I can't thank you enough for helping me out. I don't think I could have done better on either the reading or the singing and your cold reading techniques really helped me out. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."
--B. JONES, (San Mateo High School Student)

"THANK YOU for all the help and support you gave to Maddie. She was a wonderful Javert: in character, in tune -- sort of scary the way she strode around the stage in search of criminals to arrest. Best of all, she had fun with every show."
--J. SMITH, (re: Les Miserables School Version)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful techniques and exercises I learned during your workshop at Rebecca Somberg’s. They were really useful, and after, I felt like I improved both in singing and acting. The Alexander technique you taught really relaxed me and loosened up my jaw and I learned great exercises to do before auditions. What I learned from you, I can use the in rehearsal, on the stage, and in my future acting career!"
--T. WENGER (High School Student)

"I just wanted to say that I got a lot out of that class. It really taught me how to present myself at an audition and how to make my audition song the best that it can be. It was really fun working with you and I hope to do it again soon!"
--B. HARRISBERGER (High School Student)